High Level:
"When something happens with data in SG - trigger an email send"
So right now we have this basically with Workflows on a form. But what if it's not a form getting submitted? What if it's an order status changing? Or a specific field in a web app getting a specific value?
Use Cases:
An order is shipped - Customer gets an email with the tracking data (which is stored in the order)
An office worker at a Real Estate office (or more than one worker) need to get an email when a property web app item has a field's data changed
Business Owner gets notified when Product inventory hits a specific threshold
Build a "Notification Triggers" module. Here's the flow for the user in the SG admin:
1) "Create New Trigger".
2) "Select a Data Source" - (Orders, Cases, Web App Items, Products)
3) "Select a Data Item" - Set criteria for Any/Equals/Does not Equal kinda like Filter in Zapier - lets me drill in on a specific order or all orders, or a specific web app for example.
4) "Write your message" - I write an email message, define subject line, from email, and who recieves the email. In the Email I can use tags from the Data Source to make my email dynamic. For orders, I could chose "customer_email" as a tag for the recipient. In other use cases I could just type in an email, or a couple.