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Menu Builder v2
We would like to create a new version of Menu Builder, which overhauls both the existing UI as well as behind the scenes structure… no small update! We are excited to get your input and feedback to help shape its future. Below we will outline our current plan for the future based on any older feature requests relating to Menu Builder along with any feedback we have collected to date. If you have any questions, ideas or input on what you would like to see in Menu Builder next, please let us know by commenting on this feature request. Discussion is also welcome! — Structure * Remove the use of database items on Menu - json instead for structure * Simplify the menu layout structure * Update the default layout to cater to drop downs * Add either a optional text field to add a logo, or ideally custom fields (at a minimum: Link Title (text), Link Icon (file), Onclick (text)) * Add the ability to enable/disable menu items UI / UX * Keep existing drag & drop functionality * Data from across the site needs to be accessible, including search and filter functionality * Ability to add a blank empty new menu item * Ability to add items directly into a specific location in the menu, rather than adding a new item at the top level and then needing to move it to the desired location. * Ability to split menu into columns or groups and access those from the layout Data that needs to be accessible to the user when adding menu items: * Pages * WebApp items * Module items * Category pages
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